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Race 2 – Day 6

Invest Africa - Julie Kerckhove

14 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Waking up this morning on Invest Africa, was like waking up to feeding time at the zoo. The feeling of someone waking you up before usual to wool what seems miles of spinnaker through twists and turns of the decks below couldn't be more exhilarating...However as I have learnt after the few weeks that I have been at sea, the more our team works together the quicker the job gets done. 

Although this has been the 3rd time the spinnaker has had to come below decks for touch ups, the mundane job of untwisting and running the leech from bow to stern does not make it any easier because 45 degrees of heel may as well be 180 with the swell of the Atlantic.

Andrew C with his needles and thread stitched, stuck and repaired the spinnaker despite his flue symptoms he worked for hours confined to the corridor with nothing more than a sewing machine and a few cups of coffee.

He then went on to carry on his mother duty, which was duly carried out in the morning and lunchtime by Gwen and with the help of Ed who stepped up to help. Thank you all! The day then carried on very smoothly with many crew helming with the spinnaker and I presume a lot of silent prayers when the spinnaker collapse so that we do not see that dreaded hour glass!

Julie K

While our life on board is well and truly dictated by the moods and needs of the spinnakers, we are developing little traditions and rituals to enrich our days at sea. Food plays a huge part in keeping up the morale of the kite troops, and who would have thought that couscous with 5 varieties of rehydrated vegetable and tuna mix would taste so incredible after 6 hours hard sailing. Food has also become a ground for competition - two words "bread baking". As a mother you could settle for plain white and whole meal, or you could add garlic, olives, sundried tomatoes or/and raisins, or make little cute buns instead of regular loaves. For my part, on my mother day (in 2 days time), I am looking forward to producing bread hedgehogs, though I have been warned in no uncertain terms that sailmaking scissors are not to be used for the needles.

Friday nights, we thought of having a disco, though last night that was replaced by wooling a kite to the sounds of ABBA.

We are all (well skipper Rich, in parrrrrrrticular) looking forward to the "International Speak Like a Pirate Day" on 19 September. I have been trying to swap my Russian Rs for rumbling pirate Rs.

There is a small book exchange in the saloon, in one of the food storage lockers, so far a book of maritime poems, a crew biography and an old copy of yachting monthly made it in there.

Finally, a treat for tomorrow morning, a mug of fresh ground coffee. Something to look forward to during the long night watch.

Thanks for all your support (I gather that the membership of RVA - Race Viewer Anonymous - is growing exponentially)!

Natalia Shoutova