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Race 2 - Day 6

Old Pulteney - Sue Gill

14 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Despite only having left Brest five days ago we've already had a few adventures, and although the weather had been mostly fine the wind and sea states has varied widely from big breaking waves we can surf down to calmer swells.

Much to Kate and Sue's relief (they did the sail mending course) we managed to untangle our spinnaker wrap without damaging the sail - this may have something to do with the threat from the ladies that “whoever damages a sail mends the sail!”

Simon was up the mast this morning checking for chafe - something we all do on a regular basis - and doing a great Spiderman impression in order to stick back one of out sponsors logos that was lifting from the mainsail.

Tibor and Stuart, todays mothers, have worked their socks of in the galley producing two hot meals, bread for  tomorrow and to top it off Stuart’s best fruit cake baked this afternoon and happily demolished on our overnight watches -  delicious!

This evening we're sailing south with a beautiful half moon that back lights the intermittent cloud cover and the crew looks relaxed yet focused on the job in hand.