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Race 2 - Day 6

Mission Performance - William Ferguson

14 SEP 2013 - Race 2

The mood is high today on Mission Performance for a number of reasons. First off it’s the big day for both Ross and David. Happy Birthday guys.

Appropriate songs have been sung and gifts given - ducks with happy birthday messages on them. What a place to spend a birthday, sailing south past the Canaries, with not a soul in sight, the sun is shining and the sea a deep blue.

Ross received an extra special birthday present... a ride on the bowsprit to attend to the turning block. It's not clear how happy he was with this gift, but he obliged willingly and we have photographic evidence to prove his heroism!

As mentioned in previous blogs, Mission Performance continues to throw us some little surprises, but we continue to look after her, and she us. Winds have lightened slightly but we are still getting 10 to 12 knots over the ground.

Yesterday we managed another 260 miles which has put us in second position... another cause for celebration at Matt's Morning Meeting.

The atmosphere on board is upbeat and we all continue to bond as a team. Both watches are quick to give up their off watch time to help the other watch if required and I believe it is this team effort and intense concentration on our sailing that is helping us move up through the fleet. We are resolved to continue our focus and do Mission Performance and our sponsors Mission Performance proud.


Will Ferguson, Mission Performance, passing the Canaries.