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Race 2 - Day 5

Henri Lloyd - Maaike Wassenaar

13 SEP 2013 - Race 2

70 years and I am at sea.

Almost one week on since Brest and so many new challenges added to my list already. Being bosun on Henri Lloyd I knew I would be challenged in many ways, but some came sooner than expected (or hoped?!)

Getting to do all the splicing work I am doing has been great fun and brought me back to a lot of the creative stuff I did as a kid. So much fun working with my hands and actually making things...even more so when they work!

A couple of days ago it was time to go up the mast while at sea though. I had loved going up in port doing my checks and in London greeting my visiting nephew and nieces from the top, but going up at sea? Better get it over with that first time though, so up I went. It sure was a challenge, but just like all others it got beaten, the job got done (so glad I can do single handed bowlines) and I got down safely. On to the next challenge?!

Being the 19th crew member on our muster list it was a question how my mother watch would work. Others kept asking and I just figured it would solve itself, which of course it did. The first combo stepped in, and since I also had splicing work to do, I did all the goodie stuff in the galley and combined that with splicing work on the side.

Yoghurt got made - add cold water to packet then store within compartment with hot water and you get yoghurt!? Who knew, but it worked! In the afternoon it was time for my often repeated, but changed every time, banana bread. No shortage of soft bananas, so that was easy enough. Since last time I've used chia seeds instead of eggs, which actually gives a nice crunch to it as well.

Although the smell from the oven was tempting to most we waited till night time to eat the banana at midnight this picture was taken as we cut our 'birthday cake' to let me be part of the celebrations I was missing at home. So dad, from all of us here on Henri Lloyd, we are wishing you a great day and lots more of them to share. 70 huge big hugs from over here in the middle of the Atlantic!!

Scary Splice (aka Maaike Wassenaar)