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Race 2 - Day 7

Mission Performance - David Hindson

15 SEP 2013 - Race 2

It's week two of race two and the weather and consequently the mood on board has changed dramatically. Last week, we had the heavier seas and stronger winds of the English Channel. This, together with the fact that many of us were getting used to a new boat, meant that we spent much of our time maintaining and repairing damaged equipment. 

These efforts have borne fruit however as we still have a fully functioning boat and, through the ingenuity of the crew, we have been able to bring back into service some of the fittings that we had deemed irreparable.

This week, we are much closer to the Equator; temperatures are higher and winds are lighter. This brings a new set of challenges and opportunities.

Not having to wear "oilies" is a real bonus. However, sleeping in a hot, humid bunk is distinctly uncomfortable. And lighter winds mean that we don't have to undertake so many repairs we have more free time available.

So in addition to yesterday's double birthday celebration, we are enjoying a wide range of bread recipes served up by our excellent "mothers".

On the racing front, we very much feel like the meat in the sandwich, doing our best to pursue leaders Derry~Londonderry~Doire, whilst at the same time being pursued by third place Henri Lloyd.

David Hindson, crew member Mission Performance