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Race 2 - Day 5

Team Garmin - Mike Morawa

13 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Champagne Sailing all day without the champagne!

We're currently about 450 nautical miles west of Lisbon off the coast of Portugal in about 5000m of water. Following seas and favourable winds have seen us increase our downwind sailing confidence throughout the night with both heavy and medium weight spinnakers. Cloud cover and limited moonlight coupled with decreasing swell and chop has been a challenge to overcome but the team is communicating well to avoid potential disasters.

The day has been dominated by the medium weight spinnaker with an initial failure to deploy and later minor damage repair requiring two drops but team work resulted in only minor delays to get us underway again. With the light conditions preventative maintenance and odd jobs are the  order off the day when not trying to get maximum speed out of the yacht.

The weather is getting warmer and it's almost down to t-shirts during the day, the sea is a deep blue but wildlife has been sparse today.

Not much else to report, suffice to say a big hello to family and friends goes out from all the crew to everyone that is following this race.


M Morawa