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Race 2 - Day 6

Team Garmin - Jon Dodd

14 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Who knows if this will ever reach you dear reader as we have had a communications failure for the last 36 hours - our satellite phone still works but unfortunately the 'fleet broadband' (effectively our Internet connection) has some gremlins and is resolutely silent.

We are hoping the satellite providers will give their boxes of tricks a kick and get us connected again. Some of the crew are missing scheduled emails etc.

We sailed well with the medium weight, then hoisted the heavy weight  for night time, then it was decided that we should drop the spinnaker and go for a Yankee for nighttime for extra stability. The heavy weight drop was slightly eventful as it didn't seem to want to come down - but it was coerced in the end into submission. Currently sailing on a pleasant evening well to the west of North Africa and east of the Azores.

Roll on the Canaries and then the Equator...