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Race 2 - Day 7

Old Pulteney - Martin Bedford

15 SEP 2013 - Race 2

1500 and the usual cry came out from the crew of Old Pulteney. "What's for dinner mothers?"

"I hope its green peas," said one. "Red kidney beans" cried another. The general consensus was that it had to go with parsley as for some reason the victuallers went a bit overboard on the parsley supplies and emptied Aldi of their years supply.

Concerned at the pressure the mother's were under, I knew they needed help. After a sudden ah ha moment I remembered that we had a faithful J R Hartley on board.

What better way to wade our way through more parsley than fish! So out came the rod, reel, garish bright blue with silver spots squid lure and over the side went the tackle for an afternoon of trawling for fresh fish to feed the hungry crew. 

Needless to say, my endeavors were fruitless as there appears to be no fish in the Atlantic, anyway, not near Old Pulteney.

Plan scuppered. Fortunately we are blessed with the Irish media man Brian who helped rustle up a potato gastronomic delight assisted by able crewman Simon, the sous-chef of the day. It's amazing what the Irish can do with tatties. I'm convinced there was parsley in there too but it was

difficult to be sure. Problem solved with a spot of sport thrown in too.

Come 1900 the plates were empty after seconds and thirds and the crew burst into song to celebrate another days extreme sailing with parsley.

"When the anchors weighed and the course is laid, a sailors blood begins

racing. With our hearts unbound and our flag unfurled, we're on our way and off to see the world, on our way and off to see the world. Hey ho we'll go any where the wind is blowing, bold and brave are we, sailing for adventure on the deep blue sea ..... with parsley".


M Bedford Old Pulteney