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Race 2 - Day 7

OneDLL - Lizzy Fitzsimmons

15 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Well, there is never a dull day on board the good ship OneDLL, if were not breaking or repairing our Kites, its trim trim trim and all the other little jobs that need to kept up with to get us to Rio.

However, as well as racing our socks off the crew of OneDLL has also become partial to a bit of wildlife watching. We have had dolphins entertaining us most days, however the call of "Dolphins" is often followed by a louder call of "Dolphins and kites DO NOT mix" from our skipper olly! There is also rumour afoot that these black and white dolphins have been sent by Henri Lloyd to spy on us and distract us. No Chance!

Anyway, we have bigger fish to fry. The mystery of the ghost whales has been plaguing the boat for 5 days now. Every couple of days the cry comes don from on deck "Whales" they say. "On the port bow" they say. "Come quick, up on deck" they say. Pah. It is unfortunate that our Whale friends are very shy it turns out, so shy in fact that only 4 of us have seen them.

So the question arises, are the ghost whales really there, or does the call just conveniently go up around watch hangover time in a ploy to get everyone on deck in time? (The speed at which people move when promised a whale siting is incredible) I’m not sure of the answer yet, but I think until we have humpbacks breaching into the sunset the ghost whale saga will continue.

Despite this, these illusive whales, and sneaky dolphins are always a boost to the mood on board. We are improving on our kite flying skills and confidence is growing and we are all getting closer to Olly’s mantra of "Don’t be Sorry, be right!" Too all at home I can report that OneDLL is a very happy and fast place to be at the moment...and keep an eye on that Race Viewer!