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Race 2 - Day 8

Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Susie Redhouse

16 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Midnight to 0130 - fast asleep snuggled up in my top bunk under just a sleeping bag liner as it is super warm below decks. Gentle wake up call at 0130 from the other watch, a little shake and wait for confirmation that you are awake and won't be tempted to hit the snooze button.

0200 - 0600 - Up on deck for 0150 to get a watch handover and I can tell

Jackie that I have moved the Paddington Bear pillow we are sharing back to her bunk. The 'graveyard shift' is a long one tonight, the moon is hidden behind cloud so there is little light and the same clouds are hiding the stars as well. Time for your mind to drift a little and think of home and of Rio...

0600 - Noon - A nice reward for finishing watch is some bread and butter and jam. Need to confirm exactly how many pieces I can have before hitting the bunk for some zzzzzs. Paddington Bear has made the return journey to my bunk ok and my head lands on his duffel coat and doesn't move for some time.

Noon - 1800 - A lovely watch starts with some nice lunch from the Mothers, Andy and D. Up on deck and the word from the Skipper is if you don't have a job take your weight forward to help boat speed in light winds. Being the team player I am I comply with the request and spend a nice hour lying on the sails soaking up some sun and talking nonsense with Michelle and Conor. Most of the rest of the shift is spent helping with boat trim, which means either standing by to grind and sheet in the spinnaker or sitting, hanging on to a sheet (rope) and staring up at the spinnaker trying to outguess it before it collapses and giving it enough freedom to propel you along at maximum warp.

1800 - 2200 - Some dinner and then I fall asleep listening to my iPod.

2200 - Midnight and beyond - The 'kebab' shift, so far spent drinking tea, writing this blog and will soon be doing the boat log entry for the hour. So you see, there are some really tough days where you need to dig deep and find something extra to give to the boat when you didn't think there was anything spare to give, and then there are days like today...perfect :0)