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Race 2 Day 10

GREAT Britain - Ollie Phillips

18 SEP 2013 - Race 2

I always think it is interesting to see what people bring away with them when they go on new adventures. Some are super keen, have read up on every facet of sailing and turn up on day one, fully prepared for any eventuality and others turn up as if they are going on some celebrity cruise liner.

The keen ones have catered for everything. From a personal knife for cutting tangled ropes, to water purifying tablets, red headlight, torches or quick dry clothing. These are the people you envy from day one as you know that they are going to have a much more 'pleasant' trip than you are!

There are those that have packed light in the hope that they can mimic the Volvo Ocean racers of this world. The budding professionals who are a glutton for punishment, willing to sacrifice their home comforts in return for increased boat speed!

Then there are the others who have clearly been worried about this being their last adventure in life and have brought every possible amenity with them, just in case! An example of this can be seen in the crew member that turned up with 35 t-shirts in his bag yet who has so far remained in the same one since day one, clearly wanting to save on his laundry bill or be ready for the on board fashion show when it arrives!

There is another who arrived on board with six different fruit cakes for various ports along the way (Steve Mabey). Don't get me wrong, this addition has been well received by me as it is food and not only food, but really nice food. So Mummy Mabey, please keep on sending them through.

My home comforts came in the form of a ton of movies on my IPod, photos of my family and more cameras and filming equipment than a small TV studio. So far I have hardly used any of them!

It is amazing to see what we hold as important to us. People hold so many different things in order of priority and importance and being out on the ocean really makes you realise just how much stuff we all have, that we really don't need.

If I’m honest, I was and am one of those people who would've turned up with all of the wrong gear. If it was left to me, I probably would've had a load of cotton t-shirts, a pair of jeans and quite possibly a lilo and fishing rod (for the calmer days!), all that would have been totally useless. Luckily for me, I had my own personal 'stylist'! An insider scoop on the do's and don'ts of the high seas. Thanks to all the guys at Henri Lloyd.

My suitcase was swiftly replaced by a waterproof bag and a series of dry bags. My 'I Love my Mum' and 'The Guy Next to Me Fancies You' t-shirts were replaced by the incredible dri-wick Henri Lloyd specials, with UV protection, anti-sweat material and probably a personal back massager if I could find the button! These things are amazing. You can sweat all day, get drenched by water all night and yet they are dry in minutes and smelling fresh as a daisy throughout. Considering I haven't yet had a shower and have been wearing the same t-shirt for the last 10 days, I can vouch for its superiority! The jeans have been replaced by dri-fast shorts and the customary heavy duty 'foulies' for when the weather really kicks up a storm.

Yup it's official, I really do look the part. All the gear and no idea as they would say!

Speak soon troops.