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Race 2 Day 1

GREAT Britain - Kristie Reid

09 SEP 2013 - Race 2

I can't believe the race has started, I applied for the race back in October 2012 and it's finally here.

Ellen and Frank came to see me off for the  race start last Saturday which was great as I hadn't seen either of them for a little while. Everyone from  the Trust gave me a lovely card with a photo of Ellen and myself from my very first trip back in 2011 which brought back lots of memories! Before I knew it, it was time to start slipping lines!

By noon we were out on the River Thames ready for the parade of sail. The atmosphere at St Kats had been brilliant and the support we had as a fleet was continued out on the river. Standing as a team at the bow as we passed under Tower bridge was incredible and something I'll never forget.

Monday was the official race start at Southend where we had supporters line the Pier, which was great to see. It was a chaotic start, but we were 4th to cross the line and then moved into 1st where we stayed until until we hit a wind hole on the Tuesday. Our position constantly adjusted which was exciting and kept the crew motivated along with varying weather conditions. We finished in 2nd position with only 0.7 nm between ourselves and Qingdao, they emerged out of thick fog only to disappear again and the excitement within our grew as podium finish seemed as though it was in our reach. Our position in the race was confirmed later that day and we received a penant for our achievement at the prizing giving in Brest.

Since arriving in Brest it's been all go! We finished preping late last for todays race start.

Kristie is aslo keeping the Trust and her supporters up to date with her Clipper Race adventure on the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust news page You can donate to the Trust by