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Race 2 - Day 8

Mission Performance - Katherine Camilleri

16 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Day eight of the race from Brest to Rio finds us in our own little match race with Henri Lloyd who have been making ground gradually over the last couple of days. Our trim and steering has been pretty much spot on and we are trying to determine exactly what else we can do to squeeze that extra half a knot out of the sails.

The new forecast comes in and the previously predicted lighter winds are no longer on the agenda so with the increased winds that the morning has delivered Matt decides to go for a upgrade of the heavyweight asymmetric sail to replace the lightweight spinnaker sail we currently have up.

The call is to do it a peel, which we haven't practised as yet as a crew although Matt walks us through the process and it all goes through with out a glitch with both watches working well together to get the result.

As the boat medic for this leg I've been looking after people's various minor complaints like cuts and bruises. As we get closer to the Equator though I'd expect staying hydrated will become even more of a challenge.

Eight days continuously on the water and this has now become my longest time at sea. Almost eight days of following seas - something I'd certainly never expected and with even more to come. Definitely the sweetest sailing conditions I've ever experienced.

Katherine Camilleri - crew member of Mission Performance