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Race 2 Day 3

GREAT Britain - Kristie Reid

12 SEP 2013 - Race 2

We are 3 days into our second race and we've had our best day sailing yet. The race didn't get off to the greatest of starts for us, the Yankee sheets were crossed over and wrapped around the forestay which caused a bit of mayhem but we recovered as quickly as we could and made our way up the fleet.

A few hours later we were being followed by a pod of dolphins, I found it far too exciting along with one other crew member! A whale also broke the surface of the water next to our boat but I missed it. I was navigator for the day and was below deck doing a log at the time so I'm really hoping another appears. I always find navigating a little stressful but spending 24 hours as navigator has definitely been beneficial as I feel I have a better understanding of the navigation systems on-board and the more I use them the easier it will become.

The Bay of Biscay and Cape Finisterre weren't as lively as we thought they would be which I was a little disappointed about as I would have liked to have experienced harsher weather conditions. I helped our sailmaker Nikki Banks last night with the heavyweight spinnaker after the luminous tape that had been applied for sailing at night came off. I love the variation on -board one minute you’re sailing and the next your sewing! Today has been brilliant, the conditions have been incredible, we hit 26 knots which is the fastest I've ever sailed! I've already experienced exactly what I hoped for

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