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Race 2 - Day 8

OneDLL - Ronald Meppelink

16 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Today on the good ship OneDLL seems like another day at the office and as crew member Mark Fisher said there is sea, sky and sea. Some saw flying fish. The conditions are pretty constant and the weather is nice and warm as we come closer to the Equator.

We sail constantly with the kite up and are making good progress. Helming become more confident and the leeward collapse is now more an exception then a common event. Today during the happy hour we celebrated the birthday of our crew member Denise Oakley.

The mothers, Lizzy Fitzsimmons and John Menetrier baked her a special birthday cake and of course we sang for her. Our happy hour treat was ''pass the parcel'' made by Rosie Golding and we all got a pirate tattoo because ''always be yourself unless you can be a pirate then be a pirate''.

A OneDLL pirate of course! We also had the prize winner of the mistake of the day and despite all the nominees the winner was... Olly for losing the boat hook! We started a competition between the watches to increase our boat speed and are chasing our way back into the top of the fleet. 3,2 OneDLL.

Ronald Meppelink