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Race 2 Day 10

GREAT Britain - Kristie Reid

18 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Since my last blog we have experienced a lot of breakages and damages on board which have been both disappointing and frustrating as they have all had the potential to impact on our race. Our water-maker in particular developed a manufacturing fault, it was creating half the water is should and pumping the other half into the bilges. This could have been a major problem as we no longer have fresh water on board as we rely on the water- maker to convert salt water.

We postponed our race and carried out a boat to boat transfer with PSP Logistics who had the fleet spare. Before we knew it our engineer Steve Mabey had the water-maker up and running, the crew then celebrated with washing clothes, a salon developed at the stern where many crew washed their hair and we could now start the shower rota! It’s amazing how much water you can get through in a day. Just when we thought this marked the end of the breakages and damages we noticed a tear in our medium weight spinnaker. The damage has proven very difficult to repair due to the thickness, weight and sheer size of the sail. There's also new panels to be cut to replace those too far gone and a great deal of stitching required which involves pre drilled holes for the thread, and of course the sewing machine fails from time to time! We reckon the medium weight will be up and running in no time at all with a huge thanks to our Sailmakers Nikki Banks and Lindsay Evans have done an incredible job over the past 48 hours.

I completed my mother duty late last night and the word I would use to best describe that 24 hour period would be, relentless! Mothers drop out of the watch system and spend the day cooking and cleaning rather than sailing. It’s a day of constant washing up, preparing food, tea's, coffee's and cleaning. I mothered with Neil Bennett and we had a tough act to follow, Jake Carter and Geoff Bunney from the previous day had made scones! We upped our game and made three loafs of bread, one of which we made from scratch that we were very proud of! It was Steve Mabeys 47th birthday so we also made a flap jack cake and wrote 'Happy Birthday' in melted chocolate to celebrate! I had my first experience with Smash... I was hoping it would be the last but guess what was served tonight? And I've got a feeling there's more of it to come as we've used up all the potatoes. It had been a very hot day so the humidity below deck was very intense and draining so we were delighted to finish late last night. Our reward was a shower and a 12 hour sleep. I made it to bed at around 2330 UTC and slept through until 1100 utc today, and somehow I still feel tired!          

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