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Race 2 - Day 8

Jamaica Get All Right - Fran Burgess

16 SEP 2013 - Race 8

So Day 8 has come and gone, another full and eventful day at sea, with beautiful blue skies, gentle rolling seas as we continue to zip along towards Rio.

The previous on board phrase of ‘it will happen in Brest’ has now been replaced with ‘we’ll do that in Rio’.  We have instigated a charging and fine system on the boat for services, misdemeanors and blasphemy – it appears everything costs 15 euros and we are accruing a very healthy ‘social kitty’ to kick start the team Jamaica party in Rio.

We know that friends and family are addicted to the AIS and Race Viewer and understand your pain!  Don’t despair, this is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Apart from our bent pole, the boat is in great shape and performing well.  We have a strategy and are still confident of a podium finish.  Whilst sail evolutions are not as frequent as previously, when they do happen, they are becoming slick and quick and - both watches are morphing into cohesive and professional team.

Spirits remain high and jubilant but many conversations during our watches return to love ones at home.  On that note, the whole starboard watch (Professor Vis, Kristof, The Mark, Jimbo the Pink Panter, The Heggmeister, Way out Wes, BB, Wothers, and the ladies (Jean & Franny) were just reminiscing and would like to say a huge ‘Hi’ to our nearest and dearest.

We’re sure the port watch feel the same too.

After  yesterday’s Happy Hour agreement to Spring Clean  the Ghetto and ourselves we are very pleased to announce that all crew have showered, the boys have shaved and all smelly socks have been terminated.  The Ghetto is smelling much sweeter – but with temperatures rising we are not confident it will last long! During our spring clean today, we were all on the look-out for our illusive mouse that keeps squeaking but to no avail.  We were all scratching our heads when Sneaky Pete pointed out that the squeaks were actually coming from flushing the heads rather than a resident rodent.

After over two weeks living aboard, we are beginning to make this Clipper 70 our home.  We now have an on board beauty parlour, cinema and our very own coffee shop with ‘chill out’ zone (also doubling up as the sail locker when required).  It is the simple things that keep us sane and smiling.

Some highlights of the last 24 hours involved a motivating treat for the crew at Happy Hour and all agreed a simple ice lolly had never tasted so good.  The ‘Hanker of the Day’ award continues to cause merriment among us and the nominations are fast flowing.  Yesterday a more serious and coveted award was introduced to the crew.  ‘The Delia’ (a wooden spoon puppet) for best ‘Mothers’ of the week was awarded to The Heggmeister and Mad Max (aka Mick Wood) for their un-relentless determination to produce a meal despite the best effort of mother nature to scupper them by throwing two pans of pasta across the galley!  Well deserved chaps! The bar has now been raised and the quality produced by the mothers has notably improved over the last couple of days.  The dream team appear to be determined to hold onto their trophy and tonight produced a fabulous chicken curry, lentil Dahl, rice and naan bread – you know it is well received when the whole crew were silent for at least 15 minutes whilst eating.

Day 8 also provided the introduction of delicious homemade bread.  With our shop bought stock depleted, the competition to produce the best loaf each morning is now on.

Much discussion has taken place about ingredients, proving and kneading!

With the continuous flow of great food, treats and carbs, a little concern has crept in over weight management.  To remedy this, we have introduced a competition.  

Each crew member has to turn the coffee grinder, whilst in a full plank position, as many times as physically possible before they fall and knock out their front teeth.  The record currently stands at 100 revolutions but is continually challenged.  Boys will be Boys!

Small events create great excitement when living aboard a racing yacht.  Today a random passing surf board 400 miles from land, fashioned a flurry of activity, with cameras flashing and great speculation – we are now on high alert to spot the surfer.

Despite the trivial content of this blog, we would like to reassure you all that our focus and empathises remains totally on the race, with sail trim and squall watch at the forefront.

Jean and Franny x