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Race 2 - Day 9

GREAT Britain - Neil Bennett

17 SEP 2013 - Race 2

There are times when you simply have to hold your hands up and say 'enough!' and I think on GREAT Britain we currently have two young ladies who are close to this stage. Nikki Banks and Lindsay Evans, our sail menders, look to be close to this stage after almost 48 hours of fixing the medium weight spinnaker.

After a great few hours of spinnaker trim tutoring from the skipper two days ago we noticed the sail had developed a rip, but it wasn't until we got the sail down that the extent of the rip became apparent. There were two main areas of concern, round the clew (bottom corner of the sail which moves most) where there were rips which we can only conclude came from loose flapping spinnaker sheets (ropes). These rips have been hard to fix due to the thickness of the material and have needed pre drilled holes for the thread, but these are all done now.

The other rip was about 10m long by about 3m in wide in places and is in the main part of the sail. This has required the girls and their helpers (Cheddar, Paul Hardy and Claire Wilkinson to name just a few) to stick the sections that can be stuck back together, before creating new panels for those too far gone to be useful and it what has taken the time. Once all were stuck back together the sewing machine was out to make sure they stayed together.

As I type this Nikki and Skip are currently trying to fix an issue we've found with the machine which is again slowing things down, but all remain confident we'll have the medium weight back up and ready soon and will be chasing down the boats ahead shortly after.

Neil Bennett