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Race 2 - Day 10

Old Pulteney - Simon Aram

18 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Firstly , Happy Birthday Sis! Hope you had a great day.

Tina, I hope all went well on Monday.

I type this blog a little bleary eyed as my watch has just commenced the 2300-0300 shift and I have come in from the position of sail trim for the spinnaker. This involves standing up on the fore deck, no mean feat when the boat is rocking around like a rodeo bull, staring up at the sail and playing a game of cat and mouse with sail as to whether to grind it in or ease it out as the wind shifts.

Did I say spinnaker? Yes!

We have been flying the light weight " Big Gun " for over 60 hours now after , in true Blue Peter fashion, running repairs with a hammer and sticky back tape and taking advantage of some perfect sailing conditions. The winds picked up a bit this afternoon, gusting up to 20 knots, so we finally replaced the light weight with the slightly smaller and robust medium weight but have been able to achieve average speeds of 10 knots + getting up to as high as 15 knots.

All this has helped us claw back some of the ground from the main pack of the field.

Despite all the setbacks we encountered at the start of the race morale on the boat is high and the positional updates every 6 hours are greeted with cheers as we gain more ground on the field. We are under no illusions as to our position and can only continue sailing to the the best of our and the boats ability, claw back as much as possible and hope that the doldrums slows the progress of those in front of us. If Neptune smiles on us and the other boats get becalmed hopefully we can use the positional date to plan a better route through the ITCZ and find ourselves in a more respectable position.

Only time will tell.

Simon Aram aboard Old Pulteney