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Race 2 - Day 11

Switzerland - Chris Paxton

19 SEP 2013 - Race 2

We're having to get creative here on the good ship Switzerland. Last night, one of our spinnaker sheet lines got loose, was pulled into the water and cheerfully wrapped itself round one of the rudders.

Two of our big strong guys pulled on it but couldn't get it free. So we got out one of our waterproof GoPro cameras, secured it to the end of a pole and dipped it in the water. The resulting footage wasn't great but skipper Vicky and our resident camera expert Paul managed to spot the crucial tangle and how to unravel it. So we pulled on the sheet the correct way and it magically came loose. All this at 6am in the morning and without the boat losing any speed.

That speed is all-important as we try to get to the Doldrums in time for a lucky belt of weather which is forecast to blow us across them. We are fine-tuning our spinnaker sailing - I've spent a few hours methodically calling out boat and wind speeds so the crew know how we're doing.

Below decks, we have stepped up our pumping operations as our water maker has sprung a leak. We still have enough water to drink and cook with (though the showers are out) but the leaking water is ending up in the bilges underneath our floorboards. So every few hours, up come some of the floorboards and we set to work pumping the water into a bucket.  The pressure got too much for one of our manual pumps yesterday which broke a handle. Thankfully, we have a spare one - hope it lasts until Rio or we will be using cups to get the water out!

Chris Paxton