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Race 2 - Day 11

Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Kristi Wilson

19 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Life on board the 'Derry-go-Round' is smooth sailing. Our day began with an 'all hands on deck' at dawn for a team photo in celebration of crossing the first race Scoring Gate in first position! A nice three points will be added to our overall tally, which helps to ease the pain of the results from the first race.

With routines getting back to normal after immense focus around the Scoring Gate, I can recap our happy hour where we held the official Watch naming ceremony.

Our watch (the better watch of course ;)) started with Leg 1 crew member, Adrian Hathaway, reciting a poem:

"May the Gods of the sea and the Gods of the ocean oversee our daily motion whether we are sad or we are merry always remember we are LegenDerry!

I now pronounce the name of this watch 'The-Ten-Must-Have-Beers'" with motto "all for one, and one for all"! This play on words from the Musketeers, is in honor of the Port of Brest, France, which we have left to our stern.

The second watch was "kicked off" by round the worlder, Susie Redhouse, with a game of charades. At first I thought the crew were acting like a bunch of dolphins bouncing an imaginary ball from person to person on deck.

After the rest of the game, it became more clear with the announcement of 'Socrates', the legendary football player from Brazil and they were actually bouncing an imaginary soccer ball. (It really only became clear to me after a crew member explained who Socrates was, I initially thought it was some type of Greek god).

Fittingly enough, this name is in anticipation of the port of Rio de Janeiro which we point to with our bow. Their motto being "Who Derry~Londonderry~Doire's wins".

Cheers until next time! I am off to wake up Watch Socrates after their six hour snooze for some fresh made couscous and French chorizo.