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Race 2 Day 13

GREAT Britain - Ollie Phillips

21 SEP 2013 - Race 2

After some incredible work by the team, we have managed to claw back the leading pack and we now sit in 3rd position, 0.4 miles from Henri Lloyd and 18 miles from Derry~Londonderry~Doire! Considering that three days ago we were 180 miles away from Derry~Londonderry~Doire, this is an amazing effort from the team. It just goes to show how fast we can be as a boat when we get things right and we don't break anything!

We are now entering the Doldrums and this is where the streetwise savviness of your skipper really comes in to play. With winds dropping right down, every knot counts and the team who can find the most wind or maximise the wind that they do have, will come out on top.

As a team we need to be on the money with our trimming, ensuring that we eke out every last bit of wind that we can from our sails. We have decided to enter in to Stealth Mode, very covert I know, but this allows us a window of 24 hours, in which we are totally blind to all of the other boats. Fingers crossed our strategy works out well for us and we pop out back on your screens with the lead in our hands and the winds behind our backs!

It is all rather tactical and it takes me back to the days when I used to play Risk. A game of strategy and tactics and this is very much the same. Chase the wind too much and you risk facing the opposing currents when you get off the coast of South America. Stay on course and you risk being caught up in dead wind and going nowhere as the other boats pass you by. A crucial next two or three days that could ultimately determine our race outcome!

Away from sailing, things have been heating up on the boat. With temperatures soaring into the high 20's, it is difficult to get comfortable anywhere and the constant sweating and stickiness really isn't too attractive! It is with that in mind that we have created a quiz for our partner watch. 50 questions of some of the finest trivia in town. Got to keep morale high and those minds still ticking after all.

See you when we pop back up troops.

The Black Pearl.