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Race 2 - Day 11

Old Pulteney - Sue Gill

19 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Wow what a luxury - after a day of being on Mum duty alongside master baker Gustavo I don't have to be back on duty until 1230 today, and finally I seem to have found time to do something other than sail sleep and eat (not that I'm complaining!).

Gustavo and I had a great mother day with a pretty straight forward menu of pasta pesto for lunch and corned beef hash, with veggie option for dinner.

Straight after breakfast was cleared we set to with bread making. A couple of whole meal tin loaves and a large plait was planned. We've found a corner of the engine room where a bowl of dough can be wedged to prove and it works really well - so well in fact that when I went to retrieve the plait it had morphed into a shape resembling a small mountain range and was making a bid to escape from the baking tray.

Thankfully it baked well and the team said it tasted good this morning at breakfast.

Once the bread was done it was time to create the daily treat - flapjacks, brownies, some or similar which are usually eaten during the night watches. I'd intended to bring a range of recipes with me, but it was one of the things that had to slip during the last minute trip preparation so most of the treats are created from memory and a thirst for adventure!

Having raided the baking locker we created OP Energy Bars which were pretty tasty though I say it myself, there were certainly non left by the time I got up this morning! - recipe below!

The most challenging thing about being Mum is the increasing heat - as we make our way further south working in a galley with bread in the oven and a meal being prepared on the hob gets hot, hot, hot especially when the wind picks up and the hatches get closed. To take a positive spin on it I am absolutely sure that despite all the tasty treats, by the time we get to Rio I will have lost weight!

So all in all a successful day in the galley for Gustavo and I - we each even managed to get an afternoon "Mum nap"  before evening "service" (a table for 21 please - set menu!)  which I think was first on the boat and which I'm sure the rest of the team will be working towards.

So thanks to my Mum for teaching me how to bake and clean down as I go and thanks to Gustavo's Mum  for having him!

Lots of love to all!

Recipe for OP Energy Bars:

Put some of the following in a pan and melt:

-golden syrup
-soft brown sugar
-peanut butter, crunchy,
-dried fruit
-cashew nuts
-chocolate chips

Take off heat and mix in porridge oats until all liquid soaked up. Squash into baking tray and bake a gas mark 4 -5 for 20 minutes or so. Cool, cut and devour!

Sue Gill