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Race 2 - Day 12

Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Susie Redhouse

20 SEP 2013 - Race 2

After a night of good breezes we had a morning of three squalls. 

These come suddenly with wind and heavy rain. This helped us to make good progress this morning, as well as some of us having well needed showers and hair washes on deck!

However, our clothes are not yet dry in spite of the intense heat. At midday we went into Stealth Mode for 24 hours so no one knows where we are so we cannot tell you either! Our mothers on duty today Susie "Medic" Redhouse and Conor made supper a Soiree.

We all brushed up and dressed up for a sociable meal. Our outfits consisted of bed sheets as togas, sail ties as ties and clothes pegs as necklaces. This was good down time before we now concentrate on the Race and the Doldrums that lay ahead, although it currently feels like we are in the middle of them already!