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Race 2 - Day 12

OneDLL - Lizzy Fitzsimmons

20 SEP 2013 - Race 2

So after my last blog, enthusiastically describing how OneDLL are totally at one with nature, and how much we enjoy the company of our marine friends, it turns out nature has a different opinion. Kamikaze flying fish and squid have been pelting the boat for days now, and it seems they are targeting individual crew members.

Denise has been fish slapped twice in two days and had a close encounter with a ceplapod on the fore deck. She is understandably starting to take it personally now! So with that, deck cleaning is becoming a more common occurrence as battle scars of fish scales litter the deck.

The battle continues. When not having close encounters with nature, the crew of OneDLL are having an "in at the deep end" lesson in light wind sailing. It seems the Doldrums are especially large at the moment and every 0.1 of a knot helps, so concentration and trim are key. Our instructions, of "just keep the boat moving" seem to be working currently, but how long this nice breeze will continue who knows. Tang has promised a wind dance tomorrow so fingers crossed that will help us keep going swiftly along this big blue watery road. Bring on Rio, the beach and that all important capriana!