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Race 2 - Day 13

Team Garmin - Caroline Marrows

21 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Waking up to the buzz on the deck as a number of crew have their head in a bucket at the back of the boat.  Not sea sickness but in an attempt to wash their hair and any other exposed part of their bodies with fresh water.

Some even decided that it was far too hot to have hair and appeared with shaven heads (I'm sure some will see the results in Rio).

Its definitely heating up as we move further south and the weather becoming increasingly unsettled.  One minute rain (as a squall passes over), the next we seem to be doing a loop in a wind hole and then the wind picks up enough for us to get the kite up.  A welcome relief to get some speed and continue our route south and hot on the heals of Switzerland, who we caught a glimpse of in the distance.

The talk on the deck turned to food this afternoon (having eat freeze dried for a couple of weeks - the need for chili sauce is becoming a necessity to make it taste of something).  I hope Rio are ready for the number of us looking for real food from pizza to fish to a steak.

The highlight of the day (apart from the meals lovingly prepared by Janet and Jim) was a hitch-hiker on deck.  A swallow (now named Steve after one of the crew) decided to take a rest on the deck.  I think we may have scared him with our over enthusiastic attempt to provide food and water but we are hopeful for his return.

Love to all our families, friends, partners and fellow crew still to join.