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Race 2 - Day 15

Old Pulteney - Sue Gill

23 SEP 2013 - Race 2

So then (as little Oscar would say), we've made it below 10 degrees north and heading for the equator. You'll have gathered from other reports that it is hot, melty hot, the sort of hot where you're ice cream melts before its in the cornet never mind before you've finished eating it so needless to say we're just eating ours out of a bowl, with sprinkles for special occasions such as Stuart's birthday.

Now's the time we are thankful we contributed a bit more to the crew fund to have the air conditioning package fitted to Old Pulteney. We can't use it all the time as it's quite fuel intensive so it's limited to 2 hours over lunchtime crew change when all bar the core tag team of helm and trimmers huddle below for our hearty lunchtime meal enjoyed in the cool and dry atmosphere of our air conditioned galley... if only! The strange phenomenon is that despite the heat a hot lunch is welcomed by all - soup and sandwiches (very English) was wolfed down yesterday with most people taking seconds of the excellent vegetable soup. It's also good to know that despite the gentlemen having opened their top buttons and doffed their jackets and the ladies having loosened our stays we are on the whole maintaining standards on board - which I know all our followers will appreciate.

Happy birthday Mum - hoping you have a great day and have a celebratory B&G for me! Lots of love to all and special hug for the birthday girl. Sue G xx