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Race 2 – Day 13

Henri Lloyd - Maaike Wassenaar

21 SEP 2013 - Race 2

A new day a new moon.

This morning started with a great moonrise on our watch, just as this evening ended with another great sunset. What a way to start and end yet another day here in the Doldrums.

As we get further south looking for 'the hole' to pass through the Doldrums we pass through wind holes and squalls, seeing flying fish, dolphins and Orcas and we work on our splicings, sun awning and water maker while trying not to get too burned by the sun.

Some of us have already gotten their life jackets burned onto our skin. Interestingly enough being mother today it was actually Dutch Day in our meal plan. Our victualler has created a great meal rotation plan surrounding different countries, including the ones covered by our crew.

Me being Dutch however doesn't necessarily mean I've cooked the dishes that are on the plan. Besides never having cooked them for 20 people, which can be a challenge by itself. So in the end I actually focused on bread today, making raisin bread in the morning and as we speak waiting for my filled savory bread for our midnight snack, to turn out right.

Having been on our way for a couple of weeks I definitely see the emotions and waves of them passing by. Putting my experiences and combined emotions on paper, like now, can be great and tricky at the same time. How do you describe things when so much, yet seemingly so little, happens in a day.

The other day someone actually commented on how every watch almost feels like a day. So yes it does feel like we've been away for a long time.

And although we haven't sailed together that long, and hence are still getting to know each other, it also seems like we've been in this new family for a long time as well. It was only about 6 weeks ago that we had our team weekend in the UK. One of the things we did there before finishing up the weekend was leave positive notes to each other on t-shirts. So today when one of our crew popped up wearing his t-shirt it was great thinking back but it also made us wonder what things we would write on each others t-shirts by now. Maybe it is time to do it all over again before we depart/arrive in Rio...

The bread is out of the oven and it is almost watch change over, so time to cut the bread and see how it tastes.

But not after another quick message, because as it so happens to be, today is another family day so 'gefeli' to Chantal, hope it was a good one!

Scary Splice

PS - the bread, filled with Dutch cheese, pesto/Italian herbs, olives and sundried tomatoes, did taste great :-)