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Race 2 – Day 16

Switzerland - Lindsey Noble

24 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Many buckets from the bilges - log entry for today on Switzerland due to the continuing water maker malfunction leading to a leak into the bilges. 

Lots of discussion about how to preserve water and reduce our consumption.

The water maker continues to produce - after undergoing surgery administered by Charlie and Gordon - whilst leaking but at a much reduced level. We will have to ration our water usage as a result.

Already any non-essential use is out, all washing up is done with sea water. Water used for cooking i.e. boiling is reused. Perhaps we should replace our teas and coffees with espresso coffees - these are still going strong on board. Today the pasta cooked entirely in sea water as an experiment was a bit too salty - I think we will move to half and half.

Our other strategy is to collect rainwater from the squalls we encounter frequently in these latitudes. This is actually good fun out in the pouring rain - warm rain - with a range of containers trying to catch the small streams of rainwater dripping off the reefed in mainsail. We have had most success with a large bivy bag liner used as a wide funnel. This we bought back in London as a back up to our dry bags for storing food. It seems an age away from now to remember those shopping trips in London to pick up last minute items.

The focus on water means that the other issues of rationing as we are beginning to run out of things such as olive oil (we all seem to love olive oil especially our wonderful Italian crew members when they are mothers) alpen (Swiss boat you know and muesli our favourite breakfast cereal) and hot chocolate (I under estimated the crews' desire to drink hot chocolate in the tropics) become less important for a while.

We have just experienced a frustrating couple of days ending up on the wrong end of some unhelpful weather patterns that have not only hindered our progress but have made life very uncomfortable on board. However as I write our speed has picked up and we are in comparison motoring along at 7 knots. Earlier on we had our weight on the high side it’s been a while since we have needed to do this. Dare I hope that this is the start of end of the Doldrums?

Water rationing apart life has settled into regular routine. Sailing skills especially our evolutions bare no comparison to how we were 10 days ago. We have lots to be proud of. The willingness to have fun and sense of co-operative energy on board is awesome. The leggers about to join us in Rio are in for a treat.

Best wishes to the teachers and pupils who are following us from a number of schools in England. Question how much water does a normal adult consume in a day? We are 22 people on board how much water a day do we need?

Lindsey Noble