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Race 2 - Day 15

Team Garmin - Mike Morawa

23 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Still stuck in the doldrums and no relief in sight. Short bursts of speed related to squalls and light wind are offset by the Equatorial Cross Current which pushes us relentlessly to the southeast at 1 - 3 knots.

I'm on mother watch with Helen today and we've been at it since 5am. Breakfast, lunch bread making, desert preperation, cake baking; all in about +30 odd degrees with a humidity level of 70 per cent plus.

We had some excitement today when a pod of 50 odd dolphins came across us and decided to put on a jumping display, including triple pirouettes in the swelly but quite glassy water surrounding our boat.

At the time we were waiting for Switzerland to effect a water transfer as they have water maker problems. They arrived just before lunch and we exchanged about 500L of water via tender, boat to boat, winch transfer.

Exciting stuff, we sent them a cake, they sent us beauty products and some other goodies. Greatly appreciated by all and sundry, thank you Switzerland! Ironically at the time of the transfer we were battling a broken feeder hose to our own water maker, promptly fixed by bush mechanic Steve.

Rio looks a long way off with nearly 2000nm to go, everyone is hoping that this lull will end soon so we can get down to the racing side of things.

Tonight it’s a freeze dried walnut pasta with added chicken followed by chocolate mousse and custard.

As always, greetings and thoughts from all of us go out to friends and family.

Signing off about 8d north of the Equator.


Mike Morawa