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Race 2 - Day 17

OneDLL - Lizzy Fitzsimmons

25 SEP 2013 - Race 2

A mid Atlantic family reunion!

After the monotony of the Doldrums (it sounds indulgent to call bright sunshine, the occasional light breeze and an ocean view monotonous...but unfortunately its turning that way!). Yesterday was a bit different on board em>OneDLL.

Firstly, and less excitingly, we were caught under the mother of all rain clouds for 6 hours in the morning. And this wasn’t the exciting windy type of rain cloud, it was the damp, dull, still kind that saw us getting soaked and bobbing about, as proved by Race Viewer I'm sure. But then excitement came in the form of a call from Henri Lloyd, unfortunately it wasn't just to say hi, but a request for help as there water maker has packed up and they needed an emergency transfer of water from us.

This was of added concern to me as my Dad, David, is on board Henry Lloyd, so it was with a mixture of excitement at seeing him again and worry at there water situation that a plan was hatched between us, Henri Lloyd and race headquarters.

We were to continue racing, as Henri Lloyd began to motor towards us. Once they had meet us we ceased racing and started to make the transfer.

This involved multiple transfers of empty cans from them to us, us filling them and transferring them back. It sounds simple enough, with us tying the cans to a spinnaker sheet that we had run between the two boats, but in ocean swells, trying to handle 20 litre cater cans across the gap, and then heave them into the boat was a tricky manoeuvre. Luckily all this was managed without any problems, and 340 litres of water was transferred across.

Enough for them to fill up there tanks and all available cans, and hopefully enough to get them to Rio. We were repaid with a giant bar of Milka, which was much appreciated by all involved. Once this was all done, we returned to the location at which we stopped racing, hoisted the sails again and off we went, back into full race mode, trim trim trim and try and get out of these damn Doldrums!

It was brilliant, if a bit surreal seeing Dad mid Doldrums, but great to see him looking well (if a little pirate-y with his beard!) and having a great time. All on board OneDLL wish Henry Lloyd a safe passage to Rio and it was a pleasure to be of assistance.