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Race 2 – Day 17

GREAT Britain - Mike Inglis

25 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Race 2 – Day 17 by Mike Inglis

Chedder was going to do today's blog but a call from Rick Stein to be chef on board GREAT Britain Today has delayed his blog for a couple of days, for all his fans his blog is coming soon and you can look forward to tales of swash bucking sea monsters and his goal of a holiday in the Doldrums next summer.

For today here is some more insight to life on board... Where is my head torch?

One of the regular cries that goes up in the boat is where is my head torch, phone, jacket , boot or some other piece of ones valued kit. The stock answer is it’s within 70 feet of you and although that is factually correct it is not too helpful! (Chedders’ phone recently wend for a weeks walk about but is now home).

One of the challenges living on board is hot bunking where you sleep in a bed away from your normal bed if the wind is coming from a certain direction. You tend to bring a few essentials with you , a sleeping bag and maybe a pillow over that night your goodies hide themselves away falling into lockers , floors , food dry bags…

My bunk buddy Claire was Mother yesterday and we did a deal that for the twelve hours off she would exclusively own the bunk and Id find another  to sleep in. There are assigned mother bunks but there is nothing like 'home'. I moved to Port side to sleep in Dan the Cat and Ollies’ bunk strange territory.

Other than risk of loosing clothing you also need to plan for a wake up. Watches get woken 30 minutes before being due on deck before this you must wash , dress , eat breakfast , say a few hellos and find your kit which can be anywhere if not in your home bunk!

Yesterday I have my most bizarre loss when packing the wind seeker sail I found a glove missing at the end. I journeyed to the sail locker in heaving sea at 45 degrees to search to no avail. I told the boat and said when you raise the wind seeker again look for a glove flying through the air and try to catch it. We had the sail on deck the next day and suddenly Jake shouts Mike Mike Mike doing a jig down the boat, he caught my glove just as it was launching along with the sail. Jake clearly has a futures as a Cricket wicket keeper for England !

The race remains frustrating in this area of flaky winds that is now called the 'area with no name and no wind' as we are not really in the Doldrums now. Dad Simon still will not tell us 'are we nearly there yet' but the crew has a sweep running with guesses ranging from the 30th to the 5th clearly we are all master navigators

We remain second to Henri Lloyd and closely fighting with Derry~Londonderry~Doire in the same piece of sea. Like the last few days we hope for better wind tomorrow...

The news just in is we have gained on Derry~Londonderry~Doire the last few hours so hard work continues to pay off  yipeee , off to Chedders curry.

Mike Inglis