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Race 2 - Day 19

Team Garmin - Jon Dodd

27 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Here's a strange recipe for you: take 18 competitive people who are not adverse to a bit of speed induced adrenalin now and then and stick them somewhere along a racetrack where they have practically no control over their destiny, they go very slowly, and indeed at times despite major efforts actually go backwards... ...add to that humidity and heat only usually to be found in saunas, a sprinkle of sunburn, and a dollop of sweat (in fact make that two dollops).

Cook on high heat for 5 days (potentially longer)...

Serve on a glass like surface at 7 degrees North of the Equator...

Result. Mutiny? Actually no, we are holding together remarkably well, even if at times the lower deck looks like a refugee camp as the bunks are too hot to be even near (great for proving bread though as I found out today) with people arranging themselves in any way possible around the all too few fans (that's fans other than you Garmin fans guys – not that you ain't cool too).

Highlights of the day? Well the bread was nice... and three fish wanted to join or merry band of adventurers so much that they jumped on deck.

NEWSFLASH: it's now mid afternoon and we have started moving – stay tuned to see if we have escaped the clutches of the dreaded Doldrums.