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Race 1 - Day 2

PSP Logistics - Mark Pigram

02 SEP 2013 - Race 1

We'll it's finally here, after months and sometimes years of anticipation the first race of the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Race started this morning. It was a big day for all the crew on board PSP Logistics, and for many of our friends and families as well. Something as epic as this doesn't happen without a lot of planning, effort, and the support of those around us.

It's been a busy first day. Staring with leaving the mooring we used after yesterday's parade down the Thames, we arrived in the start area excited and a little nervous. Quickly the start sequence commenced and before we knew it we were racing. Good tactics, helming, crew work, and a little bit of luck saw us first across the line! That was unfortunately short lived when the spinnaker tack line was accidentally released. A bit of quick work and we'd managed to drop and re-hoist the kite without much damage to our position.

The rest of the day played out as a cat and mouse game with the fleet trading positions as the wind changed and the crews worked their way through the sail wardrobes. We've used more sails today than any of us expected. Currently its the middle of the night and a large blanket could be thrown over the fleet. We can see the lights of several of the other boats nearby.

It's hard not to wonder what the crew (our friends) on other boats are feeling and how they are reflecting on their first day. Generally speaking we have all had a great day. A quick poll of PSP Logostics' crew description of the day in a word came up with: exhilarating, exciting, knackering, busy, pride, and wow. Not a bad way to spend a Monday, much better than the office!