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Race 2 - Day 20

Team Garmin - Caroline Marrows

28 SEP 2013 - Race 2

The starboard watch woke to a dark sky, not only because it was 6 in the morning but a large squall was coming in.  I think we may have under estimated this one as some of us only put on our foulie jackets.  The wind came and saw speeds in the tens rather than 1 or 2 knots.  You could see the smiles rising on the crews faces as it continued though the whole of our 6 hour shift.  A clear sign that we are final out of the Doldrums and rapidly heading South - yippee!

The final act of the now infamous shift, was to be propelled part up the mast to do some repairs to a slidder (connects the mainsail to the mast).

Surprisingly calm as I clung to the mast with my legs and feed through some bungy.  A job to repeat in Rio with the addition of some stitching.  I came down to a round of applause from the crew.  Although I don't think I can ever get as professional as Scotty, our resident rig monkey.

Crew moral is once again up and the friendly banter now filled with announcements of what speed the boat is going.  Coupled with the emergence of a bar of fruit & nut out the freezer, its like a party on deck (thanks George and Steve for finding it). We are storming down South, once again attempting to 'Do a Garmin' and storm up the fleet positions. We are heading for the sprint speed gate and hoping to pick up some extra points.

Our thoughts are turning to when we cross the equator in the next 24 hours or so...

Love to family, friends and fellow Team Garmin crew.