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Race 2 – Day 22

Mission Performance - William Ferguson

30 SEP 2013 - Race 2

Yee-ha... we have crossed the Equator. It could not have been a nicer day, the perfect blue sky and 15 knots of breeze taking us from the North to South Atlantic. We have been followed today by a number of sea birds, one of which dive bombed the sail and left his very special mark as we crossed the Equator. Surely omens don't come any better than this.

Neptune paid us a visit and promises an interesting ceremony for us tomorrow, advising that we don't overdress. I've also witnessed Matt hiding flying fish around the deck. Something fishy is going on...

We are now cracking on to the start of the ocean sprint in 300 miles, and spirits are high on board. We received an uplifting podcast from our sponsors today. It really bonds us together to know that we have their very personal support on our endeavour. Thankfully the tunes produced by the port watch choir this afternoon have been cast on the wind behind us rather than the internet and will never have to be endured by a soul again.

Will Ferguson, Mission Performance.  Somewhere south of the Equator.