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Race 2 – Day 22

Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Susie Richards

30 SEP 2013 - Race 2

We have been at sea for exactly three weeks toady, when we last saw land at Brest. This morning we discussed the plan to do the Ocean Sprint and all agreed to be on the high side of the boat for the duration.

This means hot bunking only on the high side and so effectively having most of us at one time sitting on the rail with our feet hanging out. Perfect in this warm climate at least, but your backside can get very tender as you hold yourself at such an angle.

Indeed we all think we must have core muscles of steel and be mountain goats coping with sailing eating and sleeping at a sharp boat angle. But this means speed and believe it or not about a ton of difference in weight distribution with us all on the high side! The Ocean Sprint started for us around 4 pm. We did see land for the first time off the north coast of Brazil (one of us got a phone signal only to get a call from her office!) but we still have more than a thousand miles to go before we are in Rio. We are having ideal sailing conditions but will be happy to go back to our bunks as soon as this 300 mile sprint has finished around 10pm tomorrow night, Tuesday. Go, Team Sean let's go!!