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Race 2 – Day 23

OneDLL - Rosie Gosling

01 OCT 2013 - Race 2

A visit from King Neptune

Prior to crossing the Equator two nights ago, we had a visit from a green sea nymph with a message for Olly from King Neptune announcing his forthcoming visit with his Queen. He was to put us to trial before granting us passage through his Kingdom.  The crew received the news with mixed feelings of what was to come and with the more suspicious keeping a close eye out for any suspect behaviour on board, particularly around the galley, prior to his arrival.

He boarded in his normal regalia, somewhat trimmer than when he was last spotted a few weeks ago, with long white curly locks, his trusty trident and of course, his bright green mankini. Olly, already a Shellback, having sailed over the Equator before, was announced as a 'Salty Sea Dog'. For the rest of us, the trial began. Crimes ranged from unsuccessful adventures with the spinnaker, mythical whale sightings, being a member of the

committee who decided to throw the tack line overboard from the bow and promptly wrapped it around the rudder, love affairs with the Doldrums, flying fish hat tricks, to thinking that being on the low side means lying down flat anywhere on deck. Every crew member was found guilty for their various wrongdoings on board. Each took their punishment from Neptune in the form of a spicy slops mixture which had a remarkable resemblance to porridge with baked beans, chilis and custard - with a mouthful to eat, followed by a lot more poured over their arms and heads.

Olly squirmed a little as his beautifully clean 'big blue' became tainted with such mess, but there was little he could do in the hands of one so powerful. No sooner had we each been turned from 'Slimy Pollywogs' to 'Trusty Shellbacks' and been awarded our certificates, Neptune departed and the great deck clean to rid us of baked beans began!

Pleased to have been granted passage into the Southern Hemisphere, we continue to plough south at pace. Rio is calling us!