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Race 2 - Day 23

Invest Africa - Gwen Vitre

01 OCT 2013 - Race 2

So today was finally the day! The one I have been waiting for a long time now – crossing the Equator. It's psychological...

After some long days in the Doldrums,  I feel now we are finally moving and getting closer to Rio :-) .... Rio, the end of my own adventure with the Clipper Race as a legger... No regrets of course: it is a wonderful experience to live but honestly, I am also now looking forward to a proper rest, a nice shower and to hear again from my friends and family...

So, how was it?! Well, my watch starts at 2am this morning and we have been advised that we will cross the Equator in the next 20 min or so... So I got ready and took my camera to witness this unique moment.... Just on time! I managed to go to the Nav Station to take the photo of our longitude :-) It wasn't exact but pretty closed (00.00.035 S) I am happy with that!

Now, 6am time for my watch to go back to bed – Neptune will come to visit us at lunch time, we have been told.... I am not sure what I should be expecting but it's a scary thought currently...

One last funny thing to say about it is that I've always imagined to cross it during the day and that it would be very hot... well actually I have been quite cold this night, wearing again my fleeces and full wet gear...

However, it is good sign! We have some good breeze and we are doing some good progress toward the finish line!


Lunch time: here, we are!! The visit from Neptune (aka Rich) and Davy Jones (aka Andrew C.) was well attended by both watches. Following Neptune's speech to welcome us in the South Hemisphere, it seems we are all still guilty of a sin we need to clean before becoming officially shellbacks.

Everyone, except maybe Sylvia, accepted their destiny (to drink the “truth syrup” and wash ourselves with a strange mixture) and were successful in this transformation... We can now come back to our trimming with a big smile in our faces…

Being Davey Jones and allowed out of my 'locker' was great fun and dressing up for the occasion allowed for some imaginative thinking using the limited resources on board. Great fun had by all and a moral booster after our drift around the Doldrums.

Davey Jones is back in his 'locker' and now it is back to racing (did we ever stop!) and Rio here we come.

Gwen and Andrew, who still send their love to our readers!