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Race 2 – Day 23

GREAT Britain - Lindsay Evans

01 OCT 2013 - Race 2

Action at the Pointy End...

As evening drew in last night GREAT Britain passed the 5 degree mark, and began our sprint!  We have to sail to 10 degrees as fast as possible, and with good winds through the night we raced along.

Port Watch came on duty at 7am today to a beautiful morning.  As we were zooming along at 12 plus knots, with Ollie grinning on the helm, we were joined by a large pod of dolphins. Their synchronised performance lifted our spirits for 15 minutes or so, and we like to think that they couldn't keep up with us so turned back!

As morning went on the wind came round, and skipper decided it was time for the heavyweight spinnaker...  This is the first time we have had this up since before we entered the Doldrums.  Cue my debut at the pointy end of the boat.  I have made no secret of the fact that I prefer the safety of the snake pit to the bow, but have had it pressed upon me that I need the practice before we get to the Pacific... So Paul "the squirrel" persuaded me to gain my spinnaker hoisting licence, and up to the front I went. Spinnaker prepped and ready, then staysail dropped, spinnaker hoisted, Yankee dropped and finally wrap net up; about an hour later I was wet through and have added to my collection of bruises, but am now vaguely qualified..  I won't be volunteering every day though!

We made good speed through the rest of the morning, but whilst I was sleeping this afternoon we found a wind hole and have lost ground.  We are back up and flying again now, trying to chase down the pack.

In other news, today was sausage and mash day, but horror of horrors we have run out of sausages...  Ionie turned on her creativity and conjured up beef curry, and then scones and custard, so no need to worry that we are going hungry... Keep your fingers crossed that we get there soon before all the supplies run out!

Lindsay Evans