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Race 2 – Day 23

Team Garmin - Jon Dodd

01 OCT 2013 - Race 2

Now merrily ensconced in the Southern Hemisphere, the dull of the Doldrums seems like a fairly distant memory, such that certain aspects are already getting the rose tint of doctored spectacles. 'Oh to be relatively flat again’, 'oh to be able to take a pee without military precision again' etc.

We know though in our heart of hearts that the water is always bluer on the other side of the equator - and continue to take what we are given with guts and gusto and with a renewed enthusiasm for racing now that we are on the finishing straight.

It's a bit of a shame that those boats in front are a considerable distance, but we will attempt to overhaul them anyway. We also have the joys of the 'time trial' Ocean Sprint to keep us occupied and maxed out - no gentle cruising into Rio for this team despite the buffer afforded by the distance we are in front of the three boats behind us (if you read the previous sentence slowly it does make sense I promise you).

Other news: we saw land in the guise of some islands today - first land for three weeks - good confirmation that there is more in the world other that water. We were also accompanied by 4 birds for much of the night - they skillfully glided (or is that glid or glode?) around our sails and our heads, sometimes oppressively closely, thoughts of the ancient mariner loomed as large as they did.

On a personal note I finally finished my equatorial sentence of '24 hours without touching anything electronic' today and so am able to write these words - Neptune is a just judge and I think I got away lightly (after 40 hours disappearance and demands by me for everyone to search high and low for the crew camera it finally turned up in my pocket - ooops).