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Race 1 - Day 2

OneDLL - John Milsom

02 SEP 2013 - Race 1

After the excitement of race start, and an adrenalin fuelled beat around North Foreland inside the shipping lanes, the crew of OneDLL are settling into the 24/7 rotation of roles aboard our ocean racing yacht. Light winds have extended the duration of this first race and this has given us more of a chance to settle in to things.

Whilst united in our goals, the crew is divided into two watches to keep the boat moving forwards around the clock. Our two watches are called the Jets and the Sharks, and as watch leader of the Sharks I am pleased to say that my fellow sharkies seem to be getting to grips with what it takes to race our boat.

We have quite varying levels of experience and have quite different backgrounds. However the are no passengers on OneDLL, and everybody is getting stuck in. "Dave the Nav" kept us clear of the shipping lanes and has been working closely with the skipper to time our move across the channel. As the wind dropped last night fog descended, and Dave also found himself getting horny, sounding one long and two short blasts every two minutes. "Rocket Ronnie" is also one of our more experienced crew members, and he has continually asking questions that roughly translate into: "If we pull this string will it make the boat go faster?" Of course he uses more technical terms than this but everybody seems to understand. In addition to Dav and Ronnie, the rest of Shark watch includes Katy, Anna, John, Mark, Stuart, Peter and Simon.

As I type this news has just come through that due to the light winds that had extended the race, the race course has been shortened. We have just over two hours to get as close to an Island off western France called Oussant. The race will then finish at 1500UTC with positions judged by how far we and our competitors are to this Island. This is a shame as we felt that we were working hard to recover our position after losing ground overnight, and the race shorting gives us less time to catch up with the yachts that are just ahead of us. Trim trim trim for the next couple of hours and then we'll see where this leaves us.