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Race 1 - Day 3

Team Garmin - Georgina Willis

03 SEP 2013 - Race 1

Phew what a scorcher! a right Slip, Slop Slap day (one for you Aussies out there!)

Today was day three in this confined space and what a great team of people to be stuck with. Today was a birthday I will never forget..,and one I couldn't help but remember as all of the crew sang to me at 1.50am when I came on watch. My 40th birthday fun never stopped with beautifully light yet moist cake from Daisy and Yvonne, a kite to wool, a fabulously appropriate card, a wind Seeker to pack away below decks, another rendition of happy birthday, eating dinner on the "low side" to keep the sails full, and another sail to pack away. As I am writing this I am being treated to a full mime of Happy Birthday complete with jazz hands and a trombone finish courtesy of Jon Dodd. What more could a girl want? (although girl is not technically correct anymore.)

I understand that we are all going to take turns writing this blog, so youshould all have chance to hear from or about your loved ones. They really are a great bunch.

To close. We appear to be in the top half of the race positions, which varies regularly as we all try to get the best out of the light winds.  So light in fact, that the Channel was like a mill pond today and we could see the reflection of the boat in the water. Here's to finding enough wind to deliver our Race 1 objectives...