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Race 1 - Day 4

Team Garmin - Caroline Marrows

04 SEP 2013 - Race 1

As we get close to the end of Race 1, Leg 1 it is all very tight at the top of the fleet.  After a couple of hundred miles we emerged from the fog to see at least three other boats in the fleet nearby.  An exciting time as we hear that the race is to be shortened due to light winds.  All hands on deck to make sure we do the best we can to keep / improve our position.  We have even moved the food to the low side!  Hopefully we will see the fruit of our labours through the night and this morning - fingers crossed!

As for Team Garmin - I don't know where else I would rather be.  Although sad to leaved loved ones earlier this week, the Team Garmin family are gelling nicely.  George's birthday helped as we tried to make it a special day.  Light winds means we are working hard to ensure we have the best sail change overs as possible as we alternate between the Windseeker and the Code 1.  We all now seem to be in the routine of the 4 hours on, 4 hours off and making the most of down time when we can.  Including cleaning teeth, changing clothes and general wet-wiping.

Looking forward to a hot shower in Brest and some clean hair and hopefully some champagne.

Love to all those following from Bristol and Kendal and of course fellow em>Team Garmin crew still to join us.