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Race 3 – Day 2 - Invest Africa

Invest Africa - Peter Sykes

13 OCT 2013 - Race 3

What a contrast from Leg 1 we now have plenty of wind  and this has spread then fleet out as you can see from the Race Viewer.

Life has changed on board with the new leggers integrating well and bringing their skills to the boat. Everyone has changed bunks and bunk partners. It is proving interesting for changing from what has mainly been a high bunk  on the low side to a low bunk on the high side of the low side... I hope you understand that. Basically I have to angle the bunk and use the lee cloth to stop me falling out  all the time as opposed to when we change tack. Its unlikely we will do that in the next few days as we are heading for the South Atlantic weather system.

Its now a lot wetter and full foulies are being used, its not cold but water is getting everywhere. For the first 24 hours we were under white sails i.e. main and head sails. Overnight and today we have been making good progress and changed to Full Main and heavy weight spinnaker and are now touching considerably higher speeds.

As ever the Mothers Simon and Didi in the galley have done us proud in providing meals in arduous conditions with a lovely curry and rice followed by a home baked cake and as its Sunday a 'Keep Sunday Special' cup of sponsored fresh coffee.

So my race has started, next stop Cape Town. Sitting on deck watching the moonlight turn flecks of spray silver as they bounce along the side of the boat, my normal life seems a long way away. I am slowly getting used to the routines of life on board and suspect that the time to our destination will pass quickly.

Sailing with the spinnaker flying is a new experience and slightly daunting after hearing tales of spinnaker collapses and wraps. However, everyone from leg one is being very supportive and passing on their knowledge.

The one downside so far has been the green monster of seasickness, but I am already feeling better and the enforced diet means my foulies are slightly less tight and easier to get on and off.

I’ll sign off  now as P and P

Peter and Priscilla