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Race 3 - Day 3 - Qingdao

Qingdao - Peter Brumby

14 OCT 2013 - Race 3

All is well on the good boat Qingdao as we get back into the racing habit.

This feels very familiar to the Leg 1 crew but it has probably been an interesting 48 hours for our new crew mates.

Leaving Rio was exciting as race starts always are, but we were soon into our watches. It is fair to say the weather and seas were fruity, we have been well heeled over and bouncing along. The first night was pitch black dark and very busy, not just with sailing the boat but will dodging shipping and oil and gas installations.

You can see some of these installations approaching from miles away and we are able to communicate with them to agree our passage plan around them. We passed one of the first night which was enormous, stood out against the black night by its scale and bright lights.

Every now and again however you come across something, which is not on the charts or on the AIS system, so you are left using the mark one eyeball. 

This is how we discovered a fastly approaching light, which initially looked like a yacht but was we got passed it we saw was some sought of huge bouy, probably for a distant oil rig. Certainly reminds you to keep watch.

Today the winds have abated and we are sailing a good course in bright conditions. Its great to be out here and great to see our new crew mates getting into the swing of things. We all hope and trust their adventure as much as we did Leg 1.

Peter Brumby