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Race 3 – Day 4 - GREAT Britain

GREAT Britain - Lindsay Evans

15 OCT 2013 - Race 3


I am writing this towards the end of Day 4...  Brilliant, another day closer to Cape Town.  Yesterday we had some tough times, fighting to change the headsail from Yankee 2 to 3, and so today has been a very good day of sailing, with the same head sails all day....  I don't expect this to continue!

For me, Day 4 started badly when I was told I couldn't have a second helping of porridge!  DREADFUL!  I went up on deck early, feeling dejected and grumpy.  Doesn't sound like me, I am sure all the people who know me in the morning are saying!  BUT when I arrived on deck I was treated to the sight of a large pod of what we now know were pilot whales (but which this morning we thought were dolphins...) There were loads of them all around us which cheered me up.

As the morning wore on the sun came out, and we were treated to a lovely day of sailing.  We are still all kitted out in full foulies, as we are no longer near the Equator, and there is still a lot of spray over the deck, but the sun was warm, and the wind was starting to become more from behind.

We shook the reef out of the main sail, and raced along all morning.

We had our 6 hour off watch this afternoon, and it is a pleasant change after the heat of the doldrums to be able to be able to sleep throughout this.  We came back on deck after tea, and were again treated, this time to the dulcet tones of Marc "Cheddar" singing "Let's go Fly a Kite..."  It was time for the code 3 spinnaker....  We prepped it and were good to go, when the wind strengthened and changed direction, so the order was to hold on the kite flying...  I expect we will be treated to the singing again later when the wind changes back.

Other news; I have spent 10 mins on the helm this evening...

/span>1. I have decided with Ollie that I will do at least 10 mins every day, otherwise I will NEVER get any good.  Watch this space!

2. We have had a vegetarian day on board.  Not the skipper, or most of the crew's favourite..

3. I have just been nagged for sitting on the low side of the boat, so I am signing off now...  Happy days.

Lindsay Evans