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Race 3 – Day 6

Mission Performance - Kate Davidson

17 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Yesterday marked our first night flying the kite for this leg. Conditions were great - good wind, quite a flat sea, and heaps of light from the full moon. Things went really well. All those from leg one have been sharing top tips for both trimming and helming (it doesn't really take much to master the art of grinding).

Nights have become cold. Very cold. Crew members have started to break out heavy-duty fleece. It gets more difficult to tell who's who in the dark when everyone is significantly bulked up under matching red foulies. Below deck, crew are enjoying the pleasures of toasty sleeping bags. I've never found it harder to get up for a death watch (0200-0600) before. The thought keeping us all going was the news that pancakes were for breakfast. Simple pleasures.

During 'happy hour' this afternoon we peeled to our code one, Bruce. This was the first peel for the new leg crew members. Things went very smoothly with both the hoist and the drop. It's great to be cruising along in the sunshine, thinking of Cape Town.

Kate Davidson
Mission Performance