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Race 3 - Day 5

Henri Lloyd - Meg Reilly

16 OCT 2013 - Race 3

The scheds were not what we were used to.  We were slipping back and forth between places in the lower half of the fleet and we were not seeing the high 24 hour miles we were accustomed to in the previous race.

But our skipper reminded us, "Let's not focus on the scheds, let's race our own boat."  Easier said than done.

I sat in the nav station with Chris, who was our "numbers guy," always taking the latest sched information and producing some data on our performance for the crew to digest.

"How are the numbers looking?"  I asked him, as we often did that time of the day.

"Not great, trying to find some positive to deliver to the crew.  But you know, sometimes the negative can be motivating. Although this crew could use some positivity," said Chris. His comment didn't surprise me as just a day earlier we had a conversation about the negative news of the water maker and the importance of us staying positive, especially for this new crew.

But it wasn't only the newbies that needed positive reinforcement.  While we ran spinnakers for nearly 85 per cent of the last race, and those of us carrying on into Leg 2 felt confident in our spinnaker trimming abilities, we soon found that there was a clash of "experience" -- at least on one of our watches.

Even though we crossed an ocean trimming spinnakers, and logged more miles than an average sailor, it was interesting to find the doused confidence emerge when experienced leggers came out negating what those of us on the Atlantic crossing assumed to be trimming protocol.

But we are coming to a conclusion that positive reinforcement is better for team cohesion than coaching on what we are "doing wrong."  Positivity has been the name of the game as of late.  And luckily, what goes around comes around

Whether it's good energy being put back into the universe, a truly skilled Chief Engineer and Skipper, or just finally a stroke of good luck... we are happy to report that our water maker has been fixed!  Hopefully it is so long to rations, and we are currently celebrating with some hot drinks to welcome the first string of night watches.

Tonight, at our team meeting, Eric announced the great news and wished that we all will now be able to feel "renewed, refreshed, and hopefully rehydrated."  While he made a point in saying that it is not exactly a race restart, we can't help but all think that Henri Lloyd is powering back up and is about to break through with her second wind.

Meg Reilly, Media Crew Manager