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Race 3 - Day 7

Team Garmin - James Bennett

18 OCT 2013 - Race 3

Day 7 already on this race to Cape Town seems to have come around quickly after the long slog of the race to Rio. We continue under kite doing good boat speed and at the end of the fleet Team Garmin want to become accustomed too. We recognise how precarious this position is as the high pressure system fluctuates and effects the weather and makes the tactical decisions for Damian (and all the other race skippers) more difficult.

The amount he has invested in making the boat go faster for us as the crew, for himself, for the sponsors and of course for all of our followers out there is tangible and his mood has a directly inverse correlation to the boats speed, I understand a common trait amongst the fleet’s skippers reading the recent blogs.

The crew on board, new or established, will work without question as hard as required to keep the boat moving as fast as possible, be they sail changes in any conditions at any time day or night, with running repairs at the top of the mast, or with Trim on long cold graveyard shifts but unfortunately only one other Crew member Kira (RTW) is experienced enough to be able to support Damian in these tactical choices which we will all stand by no matter what the outcome, as we are a strong team who hold our SCRUFFY values dear here on Team Garmin.

Keeping the boat moving though isn't just about the sailing and as I type Terry Maddren (Legs 1,2,3 and 7) has his head in the forward head repairing the flushing mechanism (once a plumber always a plumber) whilst Mike Mowara (RTW) puts his cooking skills to good use to make sure we are both ready to serve dinner later tonight to keep the crew focused on the job in hand and not pre-occupied by rumbling stomachs as we fend of the chasing fleet and head toward Cape Town, still with a long way to go but enjoying our current position and determined to work hard hold on to it, only time will tell if we can.